Staff Photo Square Megan Collins is the Director for the Summer Baltimore Urban Program. She also serves as a campus staff minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, at UMBC. After participating in the Baltimore Urban Program in 2008 as a student, Megan returned to help staff the program in 2014. She has been involved with the program ever since. She loves helping students discover the richness of God’s kingdom all around them.

ProfileGalen Zook
 is the Coordinator for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Baltimore Urban Program.  Galen and his wife Eboni and their three daughters live in inner-city Baltimore and are actively involved in their local church and community. Galen loves helping students experience the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of Baltimore.  He enjoys utilizing experiential learning activities to help college students understand the complexities of the urban environment and discover how their faith intersects with issues of justice and poverty.