Summer Internship

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Baltimore Urban Program Summer Internship gives staff and students of differing ethnic and cultural backgrounds a shared experiential learning opportunity in the context of an urban community.

During this intensive 6 week internship, students grow together in their understanding of the city, the ways God is at work here, and their own response and involvement as Christians.

After initial orientation, students serve as interns with various Urban Ministries and non-profit organizations throughout Baltimore City.

Possible internships include working with:

  • Children and youth ministries
  • Neighborhood outreach programs
  • Local church ministries
  • Media and communications
  • Adult literacy
  • Healthcare

Evenings provide time for staff and students to debrief their experiences of the day together, hear from urban leaders, neighbors, and individuals and families who have chosen to relocate to the community, study God’s perspective of the city from Scripture, and consider the complexities of the city and how we can respond faithfully.

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