Service Sites

Below are some of the organizations Spring Break Service Plunge participants have served with in the past:

A New Faith Community
A New Faith Community is a non-profit organization located in Southwest Baltimore. It is a community based organization that has formed to foster spiritual and personal growth.

Jubilee Arts
Jubilee Arts is a community program providing arts classes to the residents of the Sandtown-Winchester, Upton, and surrounding neighborhoods in Baltimore, Maryland. Jubilee Arts is located on Pennsylvania Avenue, an area with a rich history of African-American culture, and is helping to bring the arts back to life in our community!

Mount Clare Christian School
The Mount Clare Christian School (MCCS) is located in Southwest Baltimore. Our neighborhood struggles with the problems facing many inner-city communities; drug addiction, drug dealing, alcoholism, violence, prostitution, and poverty. We seek to present the Gospel of Christ, salvation by grace through faith in Him, to all that have not heard. For those students who have placed their faith in Christ, we want to help them grow stronger in their walk with Christ.