Learning to Rely 100% on God

I had been going through a lot of personal issues before BUP even started. These issues often challenged my ability to complete activities within the program. As hard and frustrating as many days have been, I have been growing so much in my walk with Christ. God has been teaching me to rely on Him more fully. I have been learning how to not simply rely on Him in general for that week or even for that day, but that one particular moment. He has been teaching me what it means to rely on Him for each and every breath. I have learned the difference between knowing God is there and actually using His strength to fight through each moment (and thrive in many of those moments). I have been learning what it means practically to be indwelt by a living God who cares about me and loves me. And I am still learning and will keep learning for the rest of my life.
BUP has challenged me and is challenging me still in so many ways. I will never be the same. (And yeah, I guess that sounds cliche, but I actually mean it. I am not the same, for reals.) You can’t live off of God’s strength pretty much entirely for almost six weeks and expect to be left unchanged by that.
God truly is all we really need. Those who seek Him will find Him, and He always provides strength for the weak.
-BUP 2017 reflection

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