My Prayer for Baltimore

by Brittany Brame

O Lord, I pray for the City of Baltimore. The people are in need of so much. But I thank you for the richness and spirit you have filled the communities and the people within them.

I pray for the children and that you can restore the dreams that have been suppressed, destroyed, and distorted. That you would put people and opportunities, like seeds in place to help those dreams to flourish. I pray for peace in every household of Baltimore. especially the ones with children. I pray that the caretakers would be able to provide the basic necessities for their children and themselves. I pray that every child in this city will receive the meals and snacks that would leave them full and satisfied. Let the food fuel them to start each day ready to learn wherever they may go. I pray for the teachers in the school that you would give them wisdom, strength, kindness, humility, and compassion for the kids they are serving. That they would soften their hearts in order to teach the kids there. To not come in with a negative mindset and not to come in with low expectation but to set high expectations for excellence. Letting them know that they are capable of striving towards goals.

Lord, I pray for the people who feel hopeless and have no other choice but to work on the streets as prostitutes and drug dealers. I pray that you would put the people and the tools in place for them to get out of their difficult situations.

I pray for the mentally ill people living in Baltimore especially the one’s with no access to adequate healthcare and don’t have anyone to talk to. I pray you will open people’s eyes and minds in order to better serve them and I pray people will go out of their way to help them. I pray that you will provide for them in all areas where they are unable to help themselves. Like not being able to hold a job because they don’t have the mental strength to get up in the morning. I pray for their care providers, like their families and friends who are struggling to understand but sticking around and enduring the pain with their spouse, friend, or family member.

I thank you so much for the people, including families that have moved into the area in order to serve you and, to be of service to others . I pray that you give them strength, wisdom, and compassion that can be sustained over time so they can continue to serve the people in the city. I pray that you will help to keep fueling their passion for you and not to become complacent with their work.

In Jesus name, Amen.

by Brittany Brame


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