Hi I’m David I Write Prayers

by Hannah Brogan

After a Friday worship sesh (after a rough few days of camp), I found I still had a lot of prayers on my mind, so I walked to Carol Park in the rain so that I could write them down. This is a thing I have never done before, but at the time it made a lot of sense. I wrote this one about being able to respond to the actions of my campers with love and understanding, but it ended up just being about love in general. Love is a pretty cool thing I guess.

Loving God,
You love the world
In its sin
In its brokenness
In its insignificance
Because you are love itself
Lord, teach us your love
Fill our hearts with so much love
That we cannot contain it on our own
And so we share your love
Among friends, sinners, enemies and strangers
Give us your loving eyes
Make us unable to know the unloved
Without sharing the love you gave us
Let the love in us be our fuel and fire
So that our every action and thought is touched with love
Until the day we know your love in Heaven

by Hannah Brogan


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