Stories from Camp

by Abby Dibert

This week has had some great moments and some more challenging ones.

There is nothing quite as amazing as teaching a storytelling class and having everyone get excited about telling stories! They learned about the parts of story, about character development, about the importance of a strong plot, and so many other things, but I don’t think they were aware that they were learning that. They were just having so much fun that they forgot it was a class where they were supposed to learn. One story was the favorite… so long story short, a little blue monster rides skate boards and excretes money. I collect the money before dying and then other characters finding real and fake treasure maps to try to find the millions of dollars I earned. Each of these characters had unique stories as well that they told. A detective cat finds the money and gives everyone in the world a penny and is only left with a penny himself. There were so many other creative stories as well. It was great getting a window into their imaginations and seeing them work together to tell stories.

We also have had some spontaneous mini worship sessions during crafts. Once, one child was confused about the craft and got frustrated. I know he loves worship, so I played the worship playlist from my phone. Some of children did the motions while doing the craft and a lot of them sang along. I have also played worship music a few times to give them something to listen to and keep them busy while they do their craft.

Some days, the children behave amazingly! Other times, they make poor choices and act in ways that they shouldn’t. Chasing after children is tiring. Having to pretend that I am not tired at the end of the day is hard. Leading worship and being super hype at 9:15 am is tiring. Having to send several children through the warning system and to the directors two to four times in one day is tiring. Seeing children you have grown to love be suspended for a day or expelled is tiring, especially on days when there are a couple children suspended and a couple children expelled. It’s hard when you know that they are amazing children but you do not have the resources to give them the attention they need and to keep them fully entertained throughout the whole day. Different children prefer different activities, so it is impossible, given our limited resources, to keep everyone entertained throughout the entire day. It’s hard when all this happens to know how to respond. You can’t become less strict so that more children can stay, because then things would spiral into chaos. You just have to keep being strict and keep pressing on, even when it’s hard and they are running around and doing things they should not be doing and you want to give up trying to maintain some order. But I won’t give up so easily, because I know that this is where I am supposed to be, and I am trusting God to continue supplying the strength I need.

by Abby Dibert


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