Kids are Weird and Other Stories

-By Hannah Brogan

The weeks are going by so fast now it is pretty ridiculous. What do you mean it’s laundry day again? Didn’t I just do laundry? I don’t have a cohesive point this week. So here are a bunch of things that happened.

The first week of camp was a bit rough for me as several of the kids in my squad had to be suspended or expelled. All three are kids that have shown me that they can be well-behaved and calm in certain situations. Unfortunately the situations where they are not well behaved can end up hurting the other kids. The main source of conflict is the coveted position of line-leader. A lot of times it’s like that time three people declared themselves pope at once in 1378 and they didn’t figure out which was the real one until 1417. I’ll designate the line leader and clearly say, “Nehemiah* is the line-leader.” Then Malachi and Job also declare themselves line leader. All three are equally convinced of the validity of their claim. But there can only be one! What usually ends up happening is that they cut each other in line all the way to wherever we are going. It’s rather inconvenient. I’m still working on an effective solution for this problem. If anyone has ideas let me know.

Furthermore, Happy Feet is a really strange movie. Who came up with the idea that tap dancing penguins could stop environmental destruction???? The world is way more complicated than that??? Which brings me to my next point: Racism.

This past week we’ve been talking about reconciliation particularly in regards to racism. Which is… a lot. Tap dancing penguins definitely could not solve this problem. I’m also afraid that humans working tirelessly to break down racial barriers won’t be able to either. America is Complicated. I have never found it so hard not to be a nihilist in my life. I’m so afraid that nothing is going to work that I want to give up. But giving into complacency is probably the most privileged thing I could possibly do. That’s dumb I’m not gonna do that.

*All kids’ names have been replaced with the names of Old Testament figures

-By Hannah Brogan


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