I am Black

by Shaniyla Johnson

This week we had an epic seminar on Race and Ethnicity through God’s lens. God’s kingdom is and ought to be multicultural. We talked a lot about who we are and about the brokenness and beauty of this world, so I decided to write this poem.

“I aM”

I am Black, educated and awkward

I wonder about the person that God is creating me to be

I hear the applause

I see the hooding

I want to learn more about my family tree

I am eager

I pretend that I know it all

I feel complete

I touch the hands of those I seek to become,

I worry about others not seeing the bigger picture

I cry because of unfulfilled potential around me

I am inspired

I understand that our country is broken

I say Growth Mindset is the key to happiness

I dream to teach and mentor the youth

I try to always put myself in others’ shoes

I hope for redemption of cities across America without displacement

I am an agent of change.

by Shaniyla Johnson


One thought on “I am Black

  1. Momma that is a beautiful poem you truly spoke from your heart Momma you are blessed by the best I am so proud of you keep on growing an learning Gods has your back .love you momma your MEMA🙌🙌🙌👍👍👍👍

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