Still Tired…

Alaysia Corley

My time at Pauls Place has been one of the best working experiences I have ever had. I’m grateful for the community, values, and the compassion that this organization has demonstrated throughout my three weeks working there. #ThankyouPaulsPlace

I don’t think I can explain to anyone what I have been feeling this week. This past week we lost the lives of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Me saying that I’m sad, confused, annoyed, frustrated, etc., etc won’t cut it. I have not slept well in a week, so tired can be a word. I’m constantly checking my phone to make sure nobody else has died, so stressed could be another word. Basically I’m feeling every possible negative emotion there is and can’t combine them or settle on one. #Blacklivesmatter
Positive event #3: Went to my first protest and was inspired by the speakers who were able to vulnerably share their experiences as well as frustrations.
Alaysia Corley

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