Open Your Eyes [Week One Art by Juliana Ottomano]

**Cat Count: 11 // Dog Count: 17 **

**# seen this week

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“You don’t belong here” / walking down streets
/shamefully steering clear.

/Bonding. /week (one): /Trying to be a Hon 

/You can’t hideout/walking down streets what eyes can I meet?  Can I smile? /Get out of denial

/They are people like you /To you, what do you want other people to say/do?

/But I don’t belong here.

/God’s clear voice, “Why are you living in fear?”

/Maybe you’re meant to stand out /never called to live in doubt /Jesus went into streets /and preached

/His light shined the brightest

/he changed the way people thought&lived. /So it doesn’t matter if you’re the whitest/lightest/cleanest/nicest

/God will use you, your story, your life 

/Walk peacefully and confidently /strongly /courageously / go out.

-Juliana Ottomano



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