Same Sky

Catapult yourself across time

Follow the conduit of creativity lost

Beneath the swaths of returned clothes

Exchanged for a patched cotton jumpsuit

Blackened with soot and lead and sweat

Demolished homes

Demolished dreams

Demolished bodies


I walked across the corridor of mass convolution

Of realities, juxtaposed as a juncture of right and wrong y la izquierda y la derecha and rich and poor and fear and peace and love and hate

Stacked on top each other, sardined in rows upon rows of cloned, manufactured brick


A-a flows of just hearts in an unjust world

Lava runs of hurting hearts in a violent world

Ash clouds of displaced hearts in a homeless world

Avalanches of pained hearts in a loveless world


Sometimes I wonder in this powder keg if there really is somewhere over the rainbow where birds can fly free of invalidation and heartbreak

Sometimes I wonder


And sometimes I see a few birds fly

More than a few birds sometimes


Sometimes a whole family of birds flies in all the way from Syria or Afghanistan or the Congo or Cuba or Eritrea

And full of smiles pecks at a new freedom, a new home


Sometimes a whole community of birds bands together in merciful celebration

Grace extended towards a people disregarded

Su lingua y su cultura tienen las marcas de las historias de las lugares que no son muy diferentes de aquí

And in dance and song and bellies full, they soar


Sometimes a church of beautiful winged birds welcomes the little children

Those who can’t speak

And allows them to imbibe a first swig of miraculous love

And rest under the shadow of His wings


Sometimes the birds even start talking

They talk and sing and commune

Hashing out alarm and trials

Praising out joys and responsibilities

Shining truth into a crack or two where that snarky polonium tree grew

But we pecked out by the roots to see some of the clean, dark soil beneath


And that dark soil is the rich soil

That dark soil is the soil from which God built this planet

Built these people

Built these cultures

Built these cities

Built this Baltimore

And Baltimore is where the light shines through


And really, we are all birds in the same sky


-Sophie Haire


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