JMU Urban Dip

This weekend we hosted 25 students from James Madison University for a weekend “Urban Dip.” In addition we had a few of our summer BUP interns come back to help out, which was a great opportunity for them to share what they learned this summer and to grow deeper in their passion for the city and their awareness of what God is doing in Baltimore.

This morning during our debrief/campus application time I asked everyone to respond to the following prompt:

“In Response to this weekend, God is calling me to…” It was evident from their responses that God was stirring up a lot of things in peoples’ hearts this weekend, so I wanted to share some of their responses below:

In response to this weekend, God is calling me to:

In response the this weekend, God is inviting me to humble myself before Him, admitting that I am broken and crying out for his help, knowing I cannot go through my mess alone

God is inviting me to get involved and educated about achieving racial reconciliation on our campus

Get more involved in steps towards racial reconciliation

God is inviting me to unite with the broken-hearted, carry the burdens of others, and comfort those in trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God

God is inviting me to… 1) explore urban missions (summer or potential full time) 2) keep praying about and exploring full time ministry– college students, urban ministry. 3) share the gospel with my father

I feel that God is calling me to become more knowledgeable about the injustices and to find my place in those injustices to let Jesus work through the gifts that I have been given.

God is inviting me to speak out against and not shy away from the hurt of this world.

God is inviting me to seek His healing and redemption not only in my own trauma but in others’.

God is inviting me to roll up my sleeves and get intimately involved in the lives of His people, like He does in mine everyday.

Let him control my time and change the plans I was making for myself. I’m feeling drawn to a life of servanthood and mission work in a way I never would have thought

In response to the weekend, I feel like God is inviting me to go back to campus and be a better image bearer of Him so that nonchristians who see how I live might see a picture of Christ that maybe they’ve never seen before.


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