God works in mysterious ways…

by Naeisha Palmer 

God works in the most mysterious ways. I found out that someone who I prayed for during our very first week, during vacation bible school came to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. I have no idea of this mans name nor remember all that he needed prayer for. During the cookout happening at vacation bible school he came up to me and a prayer warrior from the church and asked for prayer. He mentioned something about alcohol always capturing him. Someone even had a vision from God about the man’s back problems. We asked another woman to join us and the three of us prayed diligently for him. That alone was a miracle from God.

However after praying he started saying things that were “creepy”. Such as hitting on myself and the other women that were praying. It put a damper on the mood. For me, it was the first weekend and I was expecting to see God to drench the city in his love and everyone we even look at to completely do a 180. (I exaggerate, but you understand what I meant.)
I think it is amazing that this man actually went to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. He made the first step towards getting closer to God. Realizing this is huge for me. God isnt just some magical prince that I should always expect to take away my problems and sweep me off my feet. Instead, God is more like a patient friend who is there for us when we need him, he is waiting on us to look to him, he is walking with us throughout the trials and tribulations, and will still be with us through joy and celebration.
Romans 12:12
Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, and continuing in prayer.

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