“I am Baymax”

By Ernest Scalabrin 

After we finished our internship at Mount Clare Christian School, Alaysia and I moved over to help the 6 BUP students who are counselors at the Joyful Journey Day Camp. The first day I was there I met a boy named David (his name has been changed for privacy). It was clear that David was not listening to many of the counselors and making even moving from room to room a difficult task.

I asked him if he would obey his counselor and walk up the stairs and he responded with “I am Baymax”. Immediately I knew he was referencing a movie called Big Hero 6 in which the young protagonist and his robot side-kick named Baymax defeat an evil antagonist. The robot responds to specific commands from his owner and no one else.

I responded with “Baymax, stairs mode, engage”. He proceeded to walk up the stairs slowly. “Baymax, increase speed”. David ran up the stairs and found his seat in the sanctuary for worship and the Bible lesson. A few days later I was assigned to chaperone David and another student during our trip to Federal Hill. I noticed that he would only obey my commands and remained at my side unless I said “Baymax, play mode, engage” We have continued to grow closer beyond his “Baymax” persona and I have been able to bond with him as I have worked with his group.

After our trip, someone came up to me and thanked me because I was the only one who was able to connect with David to that extent. It was really encouraging that I was able to serve the camp and form a meaningful relationship with David over the past week. I felt like I was able to particularly connect with him based on my interests and it was humbling and empowering to see how God used my individual quirks to demonstrate Himself to kids in the neighborhood.

Although I don’t think my calling is in teaching children or youth ministry, God was able to use my willing heart to do His will in the camp. I think I spend too much time trying to discern where and how I should serve God. Instead of over spiritualizing my deliberation, God has shown me that He commands of us a faithful and willing heart, not a particular skillset to accomplish His goals in us.


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