“Jason, Write a Blog Post about Donuts”

by Jason Chang

Donuts. There I said it. Over the past couple weeks, the BUP house has been cursed blessed with lots of donuts.

One thing that’s been brought to my attention recently is that my posts have the tendency to be of the less serious nature. And I’m fine with that. Talking about being the prettiest Jet-Li lookalike doesn’t bother me. So donuts isn’t too much of a stretch for me. But I’ve been thinking about emotions recently, probably because some of us went to watch an animated movie about emotions. It was strange going Inside the city, Out of the neighborhood we’ve been in for the past 3 weeks.

Anyways, this past week has been emotionally crazy. The day camp has been driving me insane. For some reason, dealing with a bunch of 8-9 year old girls for 6 hours a day does that. Like, it drove me to get really annoyed and frustrated. Mix that in with the annoyance and frustration I was already dealing with from seeing boatloads of injustice in the city… I found myself eating a bunch of those donuts. It just didn’t seem like we were actually making a difference here in Baltimore, except to those donuts.

So yeah, emotions are really weird things. Around kids, it seems like you have to be happy all the time. I’ve been forcing myself to be happy and dance around with the kids. But really, if we want to be real with these kids and actually show God’s love, we can’t be all laughs and smiles. Putting on a fake wall of emotions is just doing the same thing the kids are doing to us. So be praying that the kids and other people we meet will be open to having honest conversations. Also pray that we would be truly showing God’s love, which isn’t only about being happy.


One thought on ““Jason, Write a Blog Post about Donuts”

  1. Show them the Joy in your heart that comes from a relationship with Christ and show them that that Joy is not related to your outward emotions, whether happy or sad or angry or frustrated. Your emotions (and your life) are like the donut….the hole in the middle of all your emotions needs to be filled with something and the only thing that will truly fill that hole is the Joy brought about by a relationship with Christ. God Bless all of you at BUP in your wonderful mission to reach Baltimore for Christ! We continue to pray for all of you!

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