by Ernest Scalabrin:

3 nights ago, Megan, Jason and I were walking back to the BUP house from the church at 11:30pm when a man with 2 of his friends stopped us wanting to talk to us. They asked us a few questions about our faith and what we have been doing at the church. After that, the 2 friends became disinterested (making occasional comments, but continued to drink their beverage of choice). Dro on the other hand was insistent on telling us about his self-discovered theology. Namely that he believed that God doesn’t act through organized religion because each religion claims it is the truth and that God wouldn’t limit our access to him like that.
About an hour later, after a convoluted conversation and many times of insisting he wouldn’t keep us for long, Dro grew tired and ended the conversation with some advice. As I understood it, he told us to not do anything without knowing why you are doing it. This brought up a lot of good questions I kept asking myself in my head. I basically refined why I am participating to a simple statement. To be shaped by and to model Christ. I think by having a “mission statement” for my experience at BUP, I can better discern what has been contributing to and detracting from this goal. I’ve seen Dro around the neighborhood a couple times since our conversation but he hasn’t acknowledged me. Maybe next weekend we can strike up another one.

— Ernest Scalabrin


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