By Alaysia Corley 

This week I was struggling with connecting with the students that I was tutoring. Working with the students from vacation bible study I noticed that I made more connections with them than the students that I was working with. I decided that I needed to be more open when it came to talking to the students. I soon became intimidated when their answers to my questions were vague. They were either one-worded or not long enough to keep a conversation going. Overall, the conversations failed and I wasn’t getting anywhere. I began to question my purpose being a part of the program.

For the past two summers I’ve worked with students mainly between the ages of three and five and wanted a change when I became a BUP intern. I realized that I never fully analyzed why I wanted to work with an older group of students, but it soon became clear. I didn’t only want to tutor students, but mentor them as well.

Growing up in the city I didn’t have many people outside my family to look up to. I wished that I had a friend around my neighborhood for guidance and to look up to. Being a mentor wasn’t working out and I came to the conclusion that being tutor wasn’t my strength either. My age caught up with me when I realized that some of the work they were doing was done differently and I haven’t seen some of the work in years. I hope that in time that I am able to connect better with the students and the program.


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