“No, I’m the Prettiest in the Room!”

By Jason Chang

It seems like every week I’ve either heard or said something really strange. The last week has been really crazy as it was the start of the day camp. The Joyful Journey Christian Day Camp is what most of us will be involved in for the rest of BUP. It’s sort of a VBS, run completely by BUPers and some other teenagers as junior counselors. We’ve mainly been running around trying to prepare lessons, practice worship songs, organizing snacks, and making sure the 30+ kids involved aren’t strangling each other (which fortunately hasn’t happened yet).
I was assigned to a group of 8-10 year olds I figured, hey, this can’t be too bad. Boy was I wrong. The group consists of one boy and girl who behave, and then four other girls who might end up strangling each other given the chance. At one point during our group discussion, the beforementioned little girls got into a heated argument about who was the prettiest girl in the room. Just for some context, the dispute started from an ‘apology’ after one of the girls accidentally tripped and kicked someone else in the head. At this point, I had broken up two other fights, calmed down the screaming and crying girl, and had just dealt with way too much sass for 10 in the morning. So I slammed my hands on the table and silenced the group by asserting my dominance over the group. “I am the prettiest girl in the room!” Needless to say, this got their attention, and we were able to finish our discussion.
Despite crazy moments like that, the camp has been really fun. It’s been good to see how we’ve been creating a safe environment for kids to have fun and learn about God over the summer. Continuing to pray for sanity and patience would be great…


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