by Camryn Smith

Along with five other BUP students, I have been working with children at the Joyful Journey Christian Day Camp and after the first week, I feel as though I already have many stories and experiences that I can take with me at the end of the program. Working each day with these children has taught me so much. I can only hope they are learning half as much from me as I am from them! Each day during worship, we have been playing Rend Collective’s song, “Joy” (how fitting for our camp!), for the children. We play the song and they just come alive! Whether they are following the worship teams dance motions or just doing their own fabulous dance moves, each student sings and embraces this moment of pure joy as they sing about and revel in God’s love. Each time we play this song, I am just awed by the freedom and excitement that bubbles up and flows from the children. Every day we have an hour set aside for resource classes. Each of the BUP students teaches a group of the children something we enjoy or like to do. Last week as I taught my class, one of the children was singing “Joy” from our worship and told me that he liked the song. He went on to share that he liked it so much that he found the song on the computer at home, played it, and danced around his house. I was happily surprised to hear that he enjoyed the song so much! I see children practicing the dance motions the worship team does and singing the song throughout the day. I’m so thankful that I have the chance to hear these children enjoy praising God!

“We’re dancing to the rhythm of Your heart.

We’re rising from the ashes to the stars.

You’re the joy joy joy lighting my soul,

the joy joy joy making me whole.

Though I’m broken, I am running

into Your arms of love.”

~Joy by Rend Collective


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