Crossed Paths

Family meal time

by Camryn Smith

Many of the BUP interns have never met each other before coming to Baltimore. We’ve come from Tennessee, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. We range from introverts to extraverts, ukulele players to piano players and dancers, and undergraduates to graduates. There are a variety of majors: education, engineering, music, dance, psychology, Spanish, biology, chemistry, cultural communications, environmental studies, and English. We are from different colleges. Yet, with all of these differences that may have separated us before, we have all come together as one group that loves Jesus and wants to spread His love to the people around us. It’s amazing that God has called so many unique people to one place, and because of our love for Him and want to learn about His heart for the city. Even after one and a half weeks, we have merged into our own family. It’s not every day ten college students who’ve never met before live together for six weeks, but because of Jesus, we are a family, brothers and sisters in Christ. I am so encouraged to see that Jesus’ love can bring so many people together who would not normally have crossed paths.

— Camryn Smith


One thought on “Crossed Paths

  1. Nice post, Camryn! I am happy for you that you all are really connecting and having a good time while providing such service to the children and families in your section of Baltimore!
    Way to go and a high five to you all!
    from Camryn’s mom, Alicia

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