“it’s okay to be reliant on someone”

IMG_20150620_095851518by Alaysia Corley 

So far Summer Baltimore Urban Project has been overwhelmingly moving. I have learned so much about so many people around the neighborhood and it only has been a week. I have made some connections with some of the students I have been working with especially at vacation bible study. During my time with these students I have learned a bit about their lives and realized how much I have in common with these students. I realized that some of the things that they are going through I went through myself when I was younger.

     So far one of my favorite experiences was sitting on a narcotics meeting. During the meeting we got to hear the testimonies of addicts and the amount of support they showed each other was incredible. I’m slowly learning that supporting the people around you develops a better sense of community. I believe over time people become so independent that they disregard others, especially during difficult times. Understanding that it’s okay to be reliant on someone is important because it teaches someone that they are not alone.
    Going to the African American festival was another part I enjoyed. I got to see part of the R&B group SWV’s performance. I was really excited to see this performance specifically because my mom use to listen to their music when I was growing up. I also got to enjoy some awesome food during the couple hours we were there. From that day I got to make connections with other people on the BUP team as well as the people who were there.
    So far I am leaning that developing deep connections with my team as well as the people in the neighborhood is important during my six weeks here.
— Alaysia Corley

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